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How to Meet the Right Person Online

How to Meet the Right Person OnlineToday, meeting a romantic partner through an online service is commonplace.  In fact, a recent survey showed that 1 in 5 couples that have married in the last three years met each other through an online dating site.  What is even more amazing is that twice as many married couples met online than in bars, at clubs, or at other social events – combined.
The reason is simple – it works. 
Today, online dating has become a huge, highly developed industry.  If you haven't tried it recently, you might be in for quite a surprise at how sophisticated and effective certain online dating services have now become.
And one company in particular, has grown to become the pre-eminant online dating service.
So, why are so many intelligent, successful singles meeting other great singles online today?
Firstly, online dating lets you get to know the basics about someone before deciding if you want to invest any time in them.  And, studies have proven that communicating online before meeting someone face-to-face significantly reduces the stress involved in your first meeting, leading to more great first dates.
The online dating process also lets people spot potential red flags before they set up a date.  It sure beats getting involved with someone and then discovering something that’s a real deal-breaker for you.
And, contrary to what some may think, research has also shown that people are generally honest about themselves online.  Most people know they will have to expose themselves at some point, so they choose to be honest, rather than disingenuous, when creating their online profiles.
Industry leader, which was launched in 1995, specializes in creating romantic opportunities so that singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the years, they’ve continued to refine their tools in order to take the lottery out of love.

How To Get What You Want From Any Man

How To Get What You Want From Any Man

Are you ready for the secret? Three easy steps to get what you want in your relationship.
The title in this article may have elicited a gut level response from you. If you are a man, perhaps you bristled. If you're a woman, perhaps you thought that you don't need anything from a man, and then quickly clicked on the link. We all want a leg up in life, right? You may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to "get what you want" Here's the answer, in three easy steps:

1.  Ask

It may surprise you to learn that men are not mind readers. Asking can not only land you what you want, but also help you to separate the great partners from the ones that are not for you. By nature, men are providers, but they're not privy to your inner-most desires. Make sure your requests are reasonable, and then pipe up! Don't ask for gifts or money. Do tell him if an event is important to you, or if you have your eye on a specific restaurant for dinner, then have the confidence to say "I would just LOVE to try the new mexican restaurant that opened up downtown with the big deck and the great views!" Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!
Women constantly tell me how disappointed they are that a man did not treat them the way they wanted to be treated. Little did these women know, he probably would have happily jumped at the opportunity if he'd only known how she felt. Women often confuse chemistry with a guy guessing right about something. Give him a break and let him in on your wish list! Step one is all about being vulnerable, not demanding.

2.  Receive with gratitude

If you're not willing to say "Thank you" and intensely enjoy whatever he's just given to you, even if it's a simple gesture like opening your door or pulling out your chair, than you've wasted your efforts!  Born will be seeds of bitterness and a feeling like he's being taken advantage of.  A great man doesn't keep score and expect exacting repayment for his good deeds, but he definately needs and deserves to feel appreciated.  Start practicing by noticing every nice thing that people do for you, whether it's opening a door or letting you go first at a four way stop sign.  Show your gratitude, by looking them in the eye, smiling and telling them how much you really appreciate them!

3.  Dismiss men who ignore your requests

This sounds harsh and selfish, but don't confuse it with adopting a bitchy and dismissive attitude. Remember that if you're searching for someone to spend your life with, that you need to be selective. You must respect yourself throughout the process. This is different than being superficial and picky. Men want to know that you're selective, and that you've selected them. They operate differently than women. They're often attracted to a woman first, and learn to respect her later. Women usually need to respect a man before they can be deeply attracted to him. You must heed your values and your intuition, remaining consistent while you're dating. If you are making reasonable requests and staying authentic, then a man who ignores your requests is just not a good fit for you.

Are Single Women Happier?

Are Single Women Happier?

Whenever I imagine Elizabeth Bennet walking into the sunset with Mr. Darcy in tow I get a funny feeling in my stomach. Why would someone as independent and self-sufficient as her, want to get hitched to man who is known for his pride and vanity?

The same question is now being asked, albeit in a different tone. Are single women happier? Does marriage change the quantum of happiness? Is being single the only way for women to be truly satisfied and content with their lives? And finally, does marriage hold the same significance that it did, say 20 years ago?

The single versus married debate

Advantage Single
  • It is a widely propagated phenomenon that single women are happier in today’s day and age because it automatically means more financial and personal independence.
  • Being single means not bowing down to the pressures of one’s family and spouse in order to settle down in life, quit one’s career in order to start a family and prioritise one’s life according to whims and fancies of the hubby.
  • Being single in no way means that women cannot get pregnant. There are several options available such as adoption and artificial insemination that doesn’t require a woman to be married in order to become a mother!
  • It has also been observed that single women are generally more focused about uplifting their lives. More and more women are looking at higher education, professional training and even opting quirkier professions such as scuba diving instructors because they do not have to worry about a family waiting at home; for dinner!
  • With the incidences of marital abuse and rape rising, single women are actually better off. Being single means that they can freely choose with whom they want to be with.
 Advantage Marriage
  • It has been indicated by social researches that marriage has a positive influence on health and lifestyle. For example, couples tend to lay off bad habits such as smoking and drinking because they feel responsible towards their alliance. A case in point is the 2004 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research which says that married couples are less likely to smoke and are also safeguarded against some psychological problems.
  • Single women tend to have poorer finances at the time of retirement because the habit of saving is more strongly reinforced between couples.
  • Single women are subjected to filial and societal pressures of getting married. This can bog them down and also accelerate the risk of depression and stress related problems.
  • Security also becomes an issue for single women because it is tendency of the male centred society to view them as wanton and lascivious. It has been widely reported that single women in the big bad city are more vulnerable. Rapes and murders of single women living all alone are not exactly a rarity.
 Fact File
  • In a report made public by the US Census Bureau, the percentage of married couples has dropped from 72% in 1970 to just 48% in 2010.
  • A poll conducted by CBC news has led to the conclusion that 7 out of 10 Americans feel that marriage has lost its meaning in the modern era.
  • A University of Pennsylvania study has indicated that marital conflict can cause not only discord but has a negative effect on health as well.
Now that both sides of the coin have been presented it is up to you to decide whether single women are indeed happier or if they need marriage in order to find happiness!

How Important is Sex in a Marriage?

How Important is Sex in a Marriage?

A survey conducted in Britain has pointed out that married people have sex on an average of 98 times in a year. On the other hand, an unmarried person has sex about 127 times a year. The statistics indicate a major change that comes about in our lives post marriage. Although not the all important reason for a marriage to stay alive, sex does play an important role in keeping the spark of love and intimacy alive in a marriage.

Sex is an indicator of intimacy

Sure there are other ways of showing you love each other, but if sex ranks really low in your list of priorities in the marriage, then there might be some problem. It may be due to personal reasons such as low self confidence or it might be because you probably don’t desire each other as much. Both are problem areas and need to be looked at. Sex is important in a marriage because it is an indicator of the level of physical intimacy in your relationship.

Sex bonds people together

The intimate moments that you share with your spouse will work best by bringing the two of you closer. Sex is important in a marriage because it brings two people closer and also instils the faith in them that they are desired and wanted by their partner.

Sex helps in problem solving

Sexual intimacy helps couples solve their problems. Passion and emotions will help a couple look beyond their disagreeing points and help them bury the hatchet. Sex helps a relationship by rekindling the lost romance and bringing two people closer than ever. Sex in a marriage is a sign that two people completely trust each other and are therefore, so close to each other.

Sex is an indicator of desire

No one wants to be in a marriage that lacks passion and desire. Therefore, consensual and invigorating sex in a marriage is an indicator that the two partners still desire and want each other.

Sex keeps the spark alive

A dwindling sex life within a marriage may trigger one or both the partner’s for looking at liaisons outside the bounds of marriage. This is not healthy for the relationship as matters such as infidelity may permanently scar the relationship. 

Sex is important for individuals

A healthy sex life will make a person feel wanted and will boost her/his confidence. And a confident person will automatically be successful and will also work towards making the marriage work. On the other hand, if a person is not desired by her/his partner within the bounds of marriage it will hurt her/his self esteem. Problems will arise and they will eventually take a toll on the marriage.


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