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How to Meet the Right Person Online

How to Meet the Right Person OnlineToday, meeting a romantic partner through an online service is commonplace.  In fact, a recent survey showed that 1 in 5 couples that have married in the last three years met each other through an online dating site.  What is even more amazing is that twice as many married couples met online than in bars, at clubs, or at other social events – combined.
The reason is simple – it works. 
Today, online dating has become a huge, highly developed industry.  If you haven't tried it recently, you might be in for quite a surprise at how sophisticated and effective certain online dating services have now become.
And one company in particular, has grown to become the pre-eminant online dating service.
So, why are so many intelligent, successful singles meeting other great singles online today?
Firstly, online dating lets you get to know the basics about someone before deciding if you want to invest any time in them.  And, studies have proven that communicating online before meeting someone face-to-face significantly reduces the stress involved in your first meeting, leading to more great first dates.
The online dating process also lets people spot potential red flags before they set up a date.  It sure beats getting involved with someone and then discovering something that’s a real deal-breaker for you.
And, contrary to what some may think, research has also shown that people are generally honest about themselves online.  Most people know they will have to expose themselves at some point, so they choose to be honest, rather than disingenuous, when creating their online profiles.
Industry leader, which was launched in 1995, specializes in creating romantic opportunities so that singles are more likely to find someone special. Over the years, they’ve continued to refine their tools in order to take the lottery out of love.

Top 10 Sex Myths Exposed

You’d think everyone would have a better grasp on sex and desire, especially considering the important roles these two things play in our lives.

When you were younger, you probably believed a handful of humorous and strange things about sex — like the notion that you could lose your virginity if you inserted a tampon, or that masturbation causes blindness and hair to grow on your hands. Or that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding your baby. Or (our favorite), that sex, as it’s portrayed on television and in the movies, actually imitates real life sex.  As you grow older, you realize that the majority of these kinds of sex myths aren’t true and you can’t be fooled nearly as easily.

Still there are a few women who’re still fairly misinformed about sex. Whether it’s how to get the most pleasure out of their love lives or how to stay healthy and safe in the bedroom, there seems to be a bit of hearsay being mistaken as fact.
Ready to test your sex IQ?

Myth #1: After a certain age, sex is no longer important. For adults of all ages, even those in their golden years, sex is actually an important aspect of both emotional and physical well-being. You’re never too old to enjoy pleasure. Some people believe that a decrease in sexual desire is simply a natural part of aging, but lacking libido is related to a number of other factors, including depression, communication barriers, hormone deficiencies, or loss of spouse or partner.
Myth #2: Your partner is intimidated by your vibrator. This is totally bogus. According to a recent Indiana University study, 41 percent of women have used a toy with their lover. ”Many men find vibration pleasurable on their penis and other body parts,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a research scientist at Indiana University and author of Because It Feels Good.
Selecting a new toy should be just as exciting as using it. Need some tips? Lea Caughlan from The Rubber Rose, a sexuality boutique in San Diego, California, can give you some insight aboutchoosing the sexiest and safest bedroom playthings.
Myth #3: Watching porn is a “guy” thing. Despite the widely held belief, a lot of women really like porn. It’s true. We women are way more sexually curious than we get credit for. According to Nielsen NetRatings, a third of all visitors to adult sites are female. And they are often into some really kinky things. A study done by Northwestern University says that guys mostly get turned on by porn that’s the same as their own sexual orientation, while girls tend to like all kinds of porn, including gay, lesbian, heterosexual and bisexual.
Myth #4: You can’t get pregnant when you’re on your period. This couldn’t be further from the truth. ”You can get pregnant at any stage of your menstrual cycle—even on the day you expect your period to start,” says Sherman Silber, M.D., director of the Infertility Center in St. Louis. Since sperm is capable of living inside the body for up to a week, if you were to have sex during your period and then ovulate shortly after, it’s highly likely you could still get preggers.
Myth #5: Size matters. Just because a guy doesn’t have a big penis doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on mind blowing sex. Size isn’t everything. Even if your man isn’t packing the heat the rest of your girlfriends are raving about, he’ll most likely still be able to rock your world. For example, being big in size won’t help him reach your (very real) G-spot. Actually, it could be quite painful if your cervix is continually hit during sex. Woman-on-top positions are great if you want to control the depth of his stroke. Try reverse cowgirl.
If he is lacking in length, try to stick to positions that keep your bodies close together. For a little extra clitoral stimulation, wrap your legs around him.
Myth #6: Once you have a baby, your sex life is over. This could be both true and false. Although having a vaginal birth will change you down there, having sex is so much more than purely physical stimulation. If you’re lacking intimacy, there’s obviously going to be issues, but just because you have a baby doesn’t mean your sex life is doomed. Many experts agree that doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your vagina works wonders.
Myth #7: Chocolate makes you horny. Chocolate is not only delicious, but it also contains two chemicals that trigger feelings of sexual arousal and love:  (a building block of a brain hormone that puts you in the mood) and phenylethylamine (a natural neuromodulator that stimulates positive feelings, often similar to the feeling of falling in love). But don’t let that fool you. Although chocolate has been known to be an aphrodisiac, like oysters, its qualities are purely psychological.
Myth #8: Testosterone only influences a man’s sex drive. While testosterone is commonly associated with men and their sex drives, like estrogen, it actually affects both sexes. Testosterone levels tend to be highest in women each month during ovulation. It has been shown to increase interest in masturbation but not sex with a partner. There’s a time and place for everything.
Myth #9: Condoms make sex less enjoyable. As long as you’re aroused and excited, sex with a condom is as pleasurable as it is without.
Myth #10: Guys want women with hot bodies. Women want men with money and status. A Northwestern University study found that women choose men with higher status when considering an ideal partner, but changed their tunes when evaluating an actual person.

Want a healthy life? Have sex

Want a healthy life? Have sex (© Getty Images)
From reducing migraine pain to lowering the risk of prostate cancer, this pleasurable exercise has many far-reaching health benefits.

While most of us would agree that having sex makes us happy, a new study has suggested that the pleasurable exercise could actually offer various far-reaching health benefits -- reduced migraine pain, lower risk of prostate cancer besides providing emotional well-being.Having more sex could not only make us feel good, it could provide far-reaching health benefits.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, unfortunately we are having less of it -- on average we have sex fewer than five times a month, compared to six-and-half times 20 years ago. Yet studies have linked regular sexual activity to emotional well-being, reduced migraine pain and even a lower risk of prostate cancer, Daily Mail reported.

A Canadian study last month found that half-an-hour of sexual activity could burn more calories than walking on a treadmill -- the researchers claimed sexual activity could be considered significant exercise.

The study measured the sexual activity of 21 couples aged between 18 and 35. They were monitored using an armband to calculate how many calories the wearer burned, and the intensity of the activity.

In a typical session, lasting 25 minutes, the men were observed as burning 100 calories on average, the women burned 69. The intensity of the activity was measured in METs (the Metabolic Equivalent of a Task); for men, the average reading was six METs, for women it was 6.6.

It's roughly the same as playing doubles tennis, or walking uphill, for 20 minutes, 33 minutes of golf on a driving range, 40 minutes of yoga or 19 minutes of light rowing.
According to the Canadian research, it can be classed as a moderate intensity exercise if you do enough of it.

Meanwhile, it is not just the heart and lungs that get a workout. Last week, scientists at the University of Maryland in the US found middle-aged rats made more brain cells after mating.

'Mean Girls' characters: Where are they now?

MEAN-GIRLSThis is worse than wearing sweatpants: Mean Girls isn’t getting a Tina Fey-penned sequel!
Despite some hopeful speculation from fans recently, Fey confirmed the news to Extra on Wednesday, saying, “We’re coming up next month on the 10-year anniversary of the original movie… We’re going to see if there’s any way to get everyone together, but not a movie, sadly. We’re all past high school age.” (Mean Girls 2, the 2011 TV movie sequel with a whole new group of girls, is best not mentioned.)
Like any good twenty-something, I love the movie, but the “no sequel” news is totally for the best. There’s no way people wouldn’t be disappointed by whatever they came up with, and now, fans can just continue to watch and love the original as the perfect high school satire that it is. For those that would like a little more, all hope isn’t lost: Fey is directing her energy towards a possible Mean Girls musical (which she told EW about last year in her EW Interview).
Since Fey has made it clear we aren’t going to get Regina and Gretchen’s High School Reunion, just for fun I went ahead and pictured where the whole fetch gang is now, 10 years post-high school.
Regina George: Regina George continued playing lacrosse at the college level, and subsequently joined a sorority, which she was ultimately kicked out of after an email she wrote cleverly berating her sisters went viral. She now works in PR, and her assistant has told her she isn’t allowed to tweet anymore, as her cutting, pitch-perfect insults have offended everyone from the Modern Family kids to people at the highest levels of the United States government. Anna Wintour has been nothing but impressed.
Gretchen Wieners: Gretchen got pregnant by her loser boyfriend senior year of college, and then ditched the guy (Joey Donner). After giving birth to Bella (that name is totally going to happen), she decided motherhood was her true calling. Recently, she’s the kindergarten helper in Bella’s class, making sure every person gets a Valentine’s Day card (including the cute single dads!). She also works part-time as an administrative assistant at Pillsbury, where she is regularly complimented on her hair.
Cady Heron: After she broke up with Aaron Samuels because he was far too dumb for her post-high school, Cady listened to her mom (and Ms. Norbury) and attended Northwestern University, graduating with a degree in Mathematics. Currently, she’s a teacher, and has a quiet life with good friends (including Janis, but not Damian; he knows what he did). Her secret pleasure is reading celebrity gossip, but she can’t help but feel for the young women the tabloids exploit, regardless of the mistakes they may have made.
Karen Smith: Karen’s weather reports quickly went viral, and she was snapped up right out of high school to become one of the weather people for Fox News, a job she holds to this day. Smith still keeps up with Wieners and her daughter via Facebook; she’s fond of “Like”-ing nearly every post, and still hasn’t totally figured out hashtags. Regina has not responded to her friend request.
Aaron Samuels: Aaron works as a model. Obsessed with his body and weight, he’s often overheard declaring he doesn’t do carbs. Damian totally heard he may have a little bit of a drug habit, and his new girlfriend is a total gold digger. He cries for what could have been with Cady every year on Oct. 3.
Janis Ian: After graduation, Janis went to art school before dropping out because there were too many rules. She moved to L.A., and while she hates most of the people she meets, she’s built a solid career for herself as a modernist painter. She never unfriended any of the girls she knew when she was 17 because she enjoys the feeling of superiority she gets while regularly checking out their social media presences. She can be found with a protest sign in her hand. 
Damian: Damian became a shameless social climber. After graduating from college in the Midwest, he moved to NYC where he regularly stalked celebs and appeared as a hanger-on on various reality shows. He once helped Rachel Zoe pick out a pair of shoes. He dropped whatever his last name was, and now hosts an eponymous show onE!.
Ms. Norbury achieved total world domination.

THE SEXIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD COME FROM...Women Are From Brazil & Men Are From Australia

The World's Sexiest Women Are From Brazil, Sexiest Men Are From Australia. Travel dating website Miss Travel asked members-- both men and women -- to rate the nationalities they find sexiest in a dating partner. The answers revealed a preference for women from South America (Brazil's got more than just hot soccer) and men from Down Under, with sexiness found in countries everywhere between.
Some countries have spectacular natural scenery, others have amazing historical attractions - and some simply have the sexiest inhabitants.

A new study has revealed which are the sexiest countries in the world, based on the perceptions of men and women.

And Great Britain comes out in the top 10 for both men and women - although it helps that the respondents were American.

Down Under: While men voted Brazil their sexiest country, women opted for Australia, know for its attractive surfer types
Down Under: While men voted Brazil their sexiest country, women opted for Australia, know for its attractive surfer types

According to the travel dating website, the sexiest nation in the world for men is - unsurprisingly - our World Cup hosts Brazil, but women prefer Australia when it comes to choosing the world's sexiest men.

Great Britain is voted fourth-sexiest country in the world for men, with English people listed as third sexiest by women, followed by the Scottish in fourth place.

However, the US doesn't feature so well. While American women rank US men as the sixth sexiest in the world, American men don't include their compatriots anywhere on their top 10 list.


1.   Australia

2.   Italy

3.   England
4.   Scotland
5.   Spain
6.   America
7.   Ireland
8.   Brazil
9.   Canada
10. Netherlands   


1.   Brazil

2.   Russia

3.   Colombia
4.   Great Britain
5.   Philippines
6.   Spain
7.   Australia
8.   Bulgaria
9.   South Africa
10. Canada

Favourite: Men voted Brazil as their top sexiest country, and women also voted it into their top 10Latin countries dominate the top three for men, with Colombia taking thirs place, just behind Russia in second, while Brazil comes out on top.

However, women ranked Italy as the second sexiest country behind Australia, followed by England.

Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of the controversial website - which teams beautiful women with men who are willing to pay for their travel - said: 'Many American men want something more exotic in their lives.

Best of British: Both men and women voted the UK into their top five sexiest countries
'While the ‘girl next door type’ may be exotic to other cultures, American men prefer a foreign beauty.'

Men were asked to rank the qualities that contributed to attractiveness when travel dating. 'Accent' and 'body type' ranked the highest, coming in at 44 and 31 per cent respectively.

Women equally ranked accent and appearance in their choices.

Best of British: Both men and women voted the UK into their top five sexiest countries
Mr Wade explained: 'Last year British men were chosen as the winners of our survey, this year it is Australia. It seems that American women are drawn to a distinct type of man. This man is handsome, sophisticated and the accent doesn’t hurt.'

The latest study comes just days after Brazil's Ipanema Beach was voted the sexiest in the world, followed by Tulum, on Mexico's Caribbean coast and Crane Beach in Barbados.
Are YOU headed to one of the sexiest places on Earth this summer?

...and if you fail to find a romantic partner on the road, remember: a "sexy" trip with your friends can be just as steamy.

How to Stay Intimately Connected

Couple enjoying time together
Get a little frisky between the sheets
Perhaps the sexiest health news ever: regular orgasms provide remarkable physical benefits. People who have more frequent sex have lower blood pressure, half the risk of fatal heart attacks, sounder sleep, less pain, and better immunity. No surprise: their marriages benefit too. And remember, getting hot and heavy can burn lots of calories. 

Double your pleasure
When you are not in bed, spend the weekend hanging out with your partner. According to a just-published study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, people who spent Friday evening to Sunday afternoon leisurely with loved ones experienced better moods, greater vitality, and fewer aches and pains. Schedule a recreation that's new to both of you-whether learning to play tennis or attending a modern dance performance. Novel experiences stimulate brain growth.

Dance with your star
Take some lessons with your spouse. Points out Dilshad Patel, dance/movement therapist and wellness consultant, Mumbai, "Dancing is a form of non-verbal communication that bonds two people at a deeper level. We have an innate ability to express emotion and thoughts through the body." Dancing can be a good workout and fun. It also enhances physical, spacial, social and emotional awareness. "When words fall short, the movement says it all," Patel adds. She has seen couples come closer by dancing together. One couple who had not given themselves any fun time together salvaged their chemistry through dance. "When they started, I could see their bodies were not synchronised. Through practice not only did their dancing skills improve but their communication became stronger," says Patel. 

Double your pleasure
Enlist your couple friends to join the venture. Having your friends involved will both add to the fun and enhance your commitment to learning the steps.

Women are more Moral than Men

Women are more moral than men
A research has confirmed what women have for long been claiming -- they are more moral than men.

The study, based on a survey which measured responses to questions about honesty, found women to be more moral than men, with those over 30 years having the strongest values, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

The study, by a leading philosopher, also showed that females are more likely to make decisions based on how they impact on others.

In fact, Prof Roger Steare has based his conclusions on a "Moral DNA test" which he developed four years ago to measure both a person's morality and changes in their value systems when they enter the workplace.

Since then 60,000 volunteers have taken the questionnaire in more than 200 countries, ranging from chief executives to manual workers and housewives.

Those taking the test are asked to rate a series of statements about their personal and work life -- for example, whether their colleagues or family would say they were "honest" or "competent". 

They then have to evaluate assertions about themselves, such as "I always honour people's trust in me" and "I am good at exercising self-control". Those taking part then receive a report naming them as one of six personality types: Judge, Philosopher, Angel, Teacher, Enforcer or Guardian.

Professor Steare said: "Women prefer to make their decisions based on how it impacts others -- which tends to produce better decisions -- while men have a more individual approach and are more self-interested.

"What this shows is that when it comes to work men have to grow up, put their ego to one side and show some humility and compassion -- qualities they all too often have in their personal lives but put to one side when they walk into office.

"What stood out from the answers was that obedience decreased with age, while reason increased -- a logical occurrence as we make the transition from youth to experience. Interestingly the crossover point occurs around our mid- thirties, which is when we mature as adults."

The Secret of Why Diets Don’t Work

Revealed! The secret of why Diets don’t work

IF YOU are on a diet and are frustrated that it is not working well, here is some food for thought. The reason behind difficulty in sticking to a diet plan may lie in strange behaviour of brain cells that regulate appetite, latest research has revealed.

"When we don’t eat, hunger-inducing neurons in the brain start eating bits of themselves. This act of self-cannibalism turns up a hunger signal to prompt eating,” says research to be published in the August issue of journal Cell Metabolism.

The process uncovered by scientists in neurons of the brain’s hypothalamus region is known as autophagy or self-eating. It occurs in other parts of the body as a way of providing energy in times of starvation but scientists so far had believed the brain to be relatively resistant to starvation-induced autophagy.

The new finding means that it may be possible in future to develop a drug that blocks this process, enabling people to diet as they wish.

Self-eating generates free fatty acids in brain cells called agouti-related peptide.

These fatty acids in turn boost levels of these neurons which are a hunger signal themselves, explained Dr Rajat Singh, an Indiaborn and educated scientist who led the research team at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. When the process of self- eating is blocked in the neurons, their levels fail to rise in response to starvation.

“ We have shown that starvation activates autophagy in hypothalamic neurons. This process breaks down fat stores in brain cells, liberating free fatty acids. The increased availability of free fatty acids inside these brain cells increases levels of a hunger- generating molecule, agouti-related peptide,” Singh said.

The findings were tested in transgenic mice engineered to lack hypothalamic neurons.

These transgenic mice ate less food in response to a fasting challenge, and were leaner with less abdominal fat when compared to mice with functional autophagy.

"Decreased body weights of transgenic mice occurred in part from decreased food intake, and in part from increased physical activity,” Singh explained.

Chronic overeating contributes to obesity, and its typical effects like diabetes.

"We found that blocking autophagy in agouti- related peptide neurons decreases the amount of food consumed, as well as increases physical activity — all of which contribute to preventing obesity and inappropriate fat accumulation in the body,” Singh said.


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